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ASUS ROG Gaming laptops G750JW,G750JX,G750JH are in the wild!

asus-rog-g750ASUS has just released three new 17 inch gaming laptops, the G750JW,G750JX,G750JH. Mobile gamers got all Wattthe reasons to cheer, ASUS gaming machines are the state of the art Anno 2013 performance desktop replacement.

Latest generation of Intel Haswell processors are responsible for smooth computing experience and the latest 700M series graphics are handling even the most demanding graphics. All packed geared up with gaming keyboard and multi-response touch pad.


Intel Thunderbol connectivity is included, offering a single port that can transfer video and data at up to 10Gbit/s (or double the bandwidth of USB 3.0) with a maximum six compatible devices daisy-chained to it. G750 supports diverse storage configurations, with up to dual hard drives (1TB or 1.5TB in capacity) using a SATA 6Gbit/s interface, paired with a 256GB SSD that enables overall faster performance with Windows 8. RAID 0 is also supported.

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