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MSI G70 Haswell gaming laptops

MSI G70 Haswell Gefroce GTX 780mMSI surprising yet again. Great news for every hardcore mobile gamer are here. THE MSI is all set for releasing their new monster family of mobile gaming machines based on the latest available Intel's platform know widely as Haswell

Stay put, graphics are pledged on the muscles of a brand new and all powerful GeForce GTX780M.

Let's start from the top. Flagship of this new gaming line is the MSI GT70 Dragon Edition 2 of course this is 17.3 inch FHD model capable of satisfying every demanding gamer out there. Looking at the raw specs we can predict that this setup will surpass the P37000 in 3DMark Vantage, looks optimistic but yeah, it is possible. I am very glad that technology is evolving so fast in terms of power vs performance, times when gaming laptops were expensive, crippled desktops are gone. That's great, finally laptop with enough juice to bit the desktop Intel Core i5 3570K paired with very decent GPU like AMD Radeon 7870 OC. The power of this new hardware is not the only deal breaker around, storage capabilities are more than up to date. Latest generation multiple SSD's capable of RAID 0 setup. Brand new steel series keyboard. MSI G70 can lift up to 3 external displays which makes 4 when count the main display and that is just awesome.

One notch down is the the GS70 Stealth. Once you'll open the package you'll have to find this laptop using thermo scanners because it is Stealth as the name states......just kidding:)Don't worry, heat scan wont be necessary. Also this model will be packed with latest generation Intel Haswell candies supported by GeForce GTX765M, just a notch lower the Dragon but still more than capable. What's so special in Stealth edition? The feels and looks my dear readers. Its chassis is whole metal made and weighs only 2.9 kg. Great specs for 17 inch laptop, it's also very slim, roughly 22mm is more slim for its category.

One more 17 inch ends the big screen line, the GX70E which is designed to utilize AMD processors and graphics, yet we don't know anything about some accurate specs or performance.

Another model from new gaming MSI line is the very handy 14 inch GE40 which is targeting the mobile users with real mobility in mind. No guys! Don't even think that this machine is somehow similar to Alienware disaster the M14. Not even close, this one has everything to keep you all satisfied, same as the previous models this one has the latest bells and whistles in it. Intel Haswell is supported by GeForce GTX760M which allows you to work comfortably by plugging in few more displays.

Prices wont be lifted to high. The MSI is known for its very healthy price tags which in my opinion are the best on the market, cash/performance wise the MSI is the King.

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